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Piping Stress Analysis

PipingSolutions Inc., is dedicated to providing: triflex demo request

  • Excellence in engineering software for piping stress analysis and equipment design applications.
  • Experienced and expert piping stress analysis consulting services.
  • Superior training in the field of ASME pipe stress analysis.
  • Superior support and assistance for users of our engineering software.

PipingSolutions develops, markets and supports high quality, engineering software for the design of piping and equipment.  In addition, PipingSolutions offers consulting services applying our engineering software to solve engineering design problems. PipingSolutions was formerly the Engineering Software Division of AAA Technology and has operated since 1971.  In 1999, the Engineering Software Division was separated from AAA Technology and made into a separate corporation.

Pipe Stress Software

TRIFLEX® Windows is a Piping System Stress Analysis Software & Design Program that provides user-friendly data entry, an extremely flexible output report generator and superior input & o` of the Piping system, Anchor and/or Restraint movements, Support friction, Ice/snow, Wind, Seismic events and transient loadings.

Pipe Stress Calculations

TRIFLEX® Windows calculates:  Deflections & Rotations, Forces & Moments, Piping Code Compliance Report(s), Piping Loads acting on Rotating Equipment comparing them with allowables in published standards, Sizes Engineered Spring Hangers, Performs Flange Loading checks to determine leakage possibilities.  TRIFLEX® Windows offers Engineers an Expandable Network Wide solution to meet today's Piping requirements for the Chemical, Petro-Chemical, Refining, Power, Pipeline, Pulp & Paper, Food Processing and Shipbuilding industries.

Pipe Stress Latest News

TRIFLEX® 4.1.4 Includes many enchancements to the program including updated piping codes  what is new pic
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Our training includes - complex pipe stress analysis principles and piping code training as well!  When do you use hangers?  How do you size a hanger?  How do you handle equipment like pumps?  We also cover pipe support information because our sister company is AAA Technology & Specialties Co., Inc.
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PipingSolutions is offering 3-5 day training courses for Statics Analysis and Dynamic Analysis. triflex training
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TRIFLEX LIVE Online Training
e-learningSmall LIVE classes include User Feedback and may be surprised how effective it can be!
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trihanger logoDesign pipe supports with minimal efforts.  Generate professional looking drawings, hanger assembly, load capacities and eliminate errors. PipingSolutions is proud to offer this product free for a limited time. 
TRIFLEX®-SM has been developed in order to provide operating companies with the tools that will enable them to monitor piping movements, piping loads and piping system stresses on a continuous basis and identify conditions that were not anticipated in the original design.

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