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TRIFLEX® Windows WERCO tributton

TRIFLEX® Windows

Performs static and dynamic piping stress & flexibility analysis. The program computes and compares stresses according to numerous user selected national and international piping codes and rotating equipment standards.

WERCO*107 /*297
Calculates local stresses in vessel shells at nozzle and lug connections due to externally applied loads in accordance with the Welding Research Council Bulletin 107/297.


*  Designs the pipe supports the user wants with a minimum of effort
*  Insures that the components selected are capable of carrying the entered loads—prevents selecting a hanger component that will not carry the load
*  Checks load capacities at temperature for materials
*  Insures that Installed Height (Support) or Installed Length (Hanger) can be met for each assembly
*  Eliminates manual generation of hanger assembly drawings and the hours of labor to produce them
*  Eliminates errors that come from the “Human” factor when manually generating hanger assembly drawings
*  Generates professional looking drawings for each hanger assembly with a common format throughout
*  Enables rapid generation of RFQ’s
*  Facilitates obtaining quick responses to RFQ’s

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