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TRIFLEX® Windows WERCO tributton


Support Services

Maintenance, Update and Support (MUS) Services (Perpetual License)

PipingSolutions, Inc. (PSI) will provided users with Maintenance, Update and Support Services for one full year after the product is purchased. After that year the user has the option to continue with their MUS contract by purchasing MUS services. The price of this services is a function of what type of License and the features acquired. Please contact your distributor or PipingSolutions to discuss the price of this service. The following describes what is meant by Maintenance, Update and Support Services:

PSI will make its best efforts to insure that the most recently delivered leased copies of the Software are free from errors ("Maintenance"). PSI will attempt to diagnose any errors actually found to exist. PSI will provide a work-around solution, will make such corrections in a timely manner and will supply such corrections in the next scheduled public release of the software

"Updates" are alterations made to the Software to modify, improve or enhance a previously supplied copy of the Software and include additions made to the Software to comply with changes in industry standards or engineering codes. PSI may, at any time, create an updated copy of the Software to replace any leased copy previously supplied, however PSI is obligated to provide updates only when the user has a paid-up a current MUS subscription for the software.

"Support" is a service rendered for the purpose of resolving coding or processing problems that may arise from the use of the Software. When provided for in the lease agreement or an MUS agreement, PSI, at no charge to the user, will provide reasonable technical support services to user through from PSI's offices or distributors during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, exclusive of holidays.

Please contact PipingSolution by (e-mail) or telephone 713-849-3366 to discuss MUS Services in detail.

Consulting Services

PipingSolutions, Inc. provides piping and equipment design and analysis software an consulting services. Should your company require such assistance, please contact PipingSolutions Inc. for a confidential proposal. Please see general Engineering Consulting Services Overview data sheet information or Rotating Equipment Services data sheet information for more details.

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