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    Benefits of TRIFLEX® Windows

    1. Easy to Learn, Easy to Use
      TRIFLEX® Windows is Easy to Use and Easy to learn making it a more Productive tool thereby decrease project costs and saving operators money. Now TRIFLEX® Windows is even easier to use due to the enhanced Copy/Cut & Paste and Undo/Redo.
    2. Offers an Enterprise Solution
      TRIFLEX® Windows executes extremely fast over a network and is one of the fastest piping stress analysis programs on the market.
    3. Graphics
      The graphics featured in TRIFLEX® Windows are the best money can buy. TRIFLEX® Windows makes full use of the OpenGL API, consequently if graphics acceleration boards are present they are used to increase the user's ability in the design process.
    4. Intuitive Design Elements
      TRIFLEX® Windows has intuitive design elements to make the piping model design easy. TRIFLEX® Windows features Reducers, Expansion Joints, Pipe Segments, etc., which allow the user to model in a very intuitive way without having to resort to all kinds of tricks for modelling.
    5. Input Checking
      TRIFLEX®Windows allows easy input checking through graphical representation of the piping properties. The error conditions are easily identified by color.
    6. 3D Plant Design Integration
      Integrated with 3D Plant Design Software TRIFLEX® Windows shortens the design/analysis cycle and directly decreases the time needed to complete the project.
    7. Underground Modelling
      • Soil stiffness and automatic soil restraint spacing per ASME B31.1, Appendix VII guidelines.
      • Axial, Lateral, Transverse (Up or Down) soil restraints with nonlinear soil stiffness for four different pipe movements.
      • User can easily modify soil stiffness and spacing.
    8. Intuitive Output Representation
      All graphics (including stress deflection, expansion stresses can be presented in color and in ISO format) can be copied and pasted into the final project report document. The input and output spreadsheets can be copied and pasted into the final project report document.
    9. Full Dynamics Capability
      TRIFLEX® Windows can can calculate Mode Shapes & Frequencies, Response Spectrum and Time History, and animate the results.
    10. Interoperability
      TRIFLEX® Windows can export all the input and output report spreadsheets to HTML making the task of sharing information over the web easier. TRIFLEX® Windows also can export directly to an XLS file, making engineer's life much easier. TRIFLEX® Windows can also export into a generic tab-delimited database format that can be interpreted by all database applications (including Access, Oracle) making the task of working with data a piece of cake.

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