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The History of TRIFLEX®
21 January 2002

In April of 1971, AAA Technology was founded. Shortly thereafter, the initial version of TRIFLEX® was developed in order to enable the company's staff to be more efficient in providing piping stress analysis consulting services. Two of our earliest clients for piping stress analysis services were the Houston offices of the J. E. Sirrine Company and J. F. Pritchard and Company. As time progressed, these clients wanted to be able to use the piping stress analysis software that we were using rather than relying upon our staff to perform all of the piping stress analysis calculations for them. In order to satisfy their requests, we negotiated an agreement with a Houston-based Computer Service Bureau, Bonner & Moore Computing Company, for our software to be made available for public usage on a fee basis on their computer systems. In addition, we compiled a user's manual to provide users with guidance in building piping models. The initial commercial version of TRIFLEX® was made available in 1972.

Starting in 1973 the popularity of TRIFLEX® spread and to Computer Service Bureaus. The service bureaus included the University Computing Utility Company (UCC), Computer Sciences Corporation, United Information Services Co. (UIS), McDonnell Douglas Automation (McAuto), Multiple Access and Control Data Corporation (CDC) as well as a variety of regional and smaller service bureaus throughout the world. In 1973, TRIFLEX® was made available on UCC's service bureau and the popularity of TRIFLEX® really began to grow. By early 1980's, CDC was the dominating service bureau and TRIFLEX® was one of the more widely used programs on the service.

The earliest versions of TRIFLEX® were all batch oriented with pre-printed forms for the user to write what the input was to be. Data was then keypunched onto cards from the forms. The cards were then read into the computer through a card reader and the data was processed. All output reports were generated in batch tabular form and printed out on line printers. In order to facilitate more User Friendly usage, our staff constructed a Keyword Data Entry format that enabled users to enter data through a terminal thereby bypassing the need for keypunched cards. As time progressed, we also offered output reports in a standard, letter sized page format that enabled users to print out reports on the terminals. This gave rise to a more interactive usage of TRIFLEX®.

In the late 1970's and early 1980's, minicomputers became widely available and our larger users demanded that we offer our TRIFLEX® program on these computers. TRIFLEX was made available on several mini-computers, such as: PRIME Computer and Digital Equipment VAX, Apollo, Perkin Elmer, Intergraph, Sun and others.

In the early 1980's, a dramatic recession hit the petrochemical industry in the U.S. and many of our customers disappeared. They either went into bankruptcy or merged with other companies to survive. As the economy recovered, the PC was introduced and the way our customers performed piping stress analysis calculations began to change. By the mid 1980's, TRIFLEX® was functioning on a PC-XT; TRIFLEX® offered a deflected position plot to enable users to see visually where a pipe is deflecting. As the years passed, we added the dynamic (mode shapes and frequencies; Time History Analysis and Response Spectrum) capabilities.

In December 1998, TRIFLEX® Windows was released. On September 8, 1999, the popularity of TRIFLEX® and the other engineering software offered by the Engineering Software Division of AAA Technology a separate company was created in order to eliminate confusion in the marketplace. The Products Division of AAA Technology now operates as AAA Technology and manufactures pipe hangers and supports for the process industry. PipingSolutions operates as an engineering software company.

We invite you to test drive TRIFLEX® Windows and enjoy the superior ease of use and stunning graphics that TRIFLEX® Windows offers!

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