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TRIFLEX®Windows 1.3.0

26 October 1999


We are extremely pleased to be able to provide you a CD containing TRIFLEX Windows.  The program has been developed using the latest in Windows and Graphics technology. 

Focus on Efficiency - Our staff has studied the many operations used by an analyst in modeling a piping system using TRIFLEX DOS and has concentrated our efforts in making these operations the easiest and most efficient possible in TRIFLEX Windows.  Logical groupings of data have been organized on screens with descriptive tabs rather than having an abundance of small pop-up dialogs.  Users can quickly and intuitively sort out in which screen to enter specific data.

Focus on Graphics Technology - TRIFLEX Windows incorporates the most incredible graphics capability available to piping stress analysts.  It provides users with the ability to graphically build their piping model in full volumetric form with realistic valves, flanges, elbows, etc.  Users can rotate, pan and zoom in real time.  With TRIFLEX Windows, model creation is faster, easier and more accurate.

Extensive graphical cutting, copying and pasting capabilities have been incorporated in TRIFLEX Windows – even between different piping systems and TRIFLEX Windows re-numbers the new portion of your piping system in seconds.  Data entry screens are all piping component-based and can be activated from the graphics piping model, the spreadsheet, the main menu, the toolbar and the short keys.  Interfaces with popular Plant Design CAD systemsare also provided to greatly improve data entry speed and accuracy.  The emphasis has been on helping TRIFLEX Users to achieve maximum modeling speed.

Focus on Flexibility – At the heart of TRIFLEX Windows, Users will find MDI (Multiple Document Interface) technology which means that Users can open many windows at the same time.  Users can look at the data entry screens and the output reports simultaneously or Users can review two or more piping models simultaneously on one screen.  TRIFLEX Windows provides flexibility.

Focus of Data Re-usability - Our Users told us that they had numerous piping systems entered using TRIFLEX DOS and that they wanted to be able to process these piping systems using TRIFLEX Windows.  Again, our staff has responded.  Piping systems properly modeled and processed on TRIFLEX 2.6.8 can also be processed directly using TRIFLEX Windows.  We ant TRIFLEX Users to achieve maximum productivity.

TRIFLEX Dos 2.6.8  

TRIFLEX Windows 1.1.0


Focus on Spreadsheet Technology - TRIFLEX Windows provides spreadsheet technology for the display of both input data and output reports.  Well-known features such as Print Preview are provided.  Users can easily copy data from a TRIFLEX spreadsheet to their own spreadsheet or into one of the popular word processors.


Focus on Correctness - In TRIFLEX Windows, we have built-in a substantial number of logic paths to eliminate errors in modeling piping systems.  Simply stated, TRIFLEX Windows, in many instances, will not let a User enter incorrect data.  Then, we added numerous data validation steps to prevent modeling errors for which logic paths were not applicable and, of course, connectivity is verified for all piping systems.

Focus on Data Base Technology - In TRIFLEX Windows, we have incorporated ACCESS database technology made available to software developers by Microsoft.  All of the databases previously contained in TRIFLEX DOS are provided to Users of TRIFLEX Windows.  In addition, Users can use ACCESS to open the database and can add proprietary data to the database, as required, to fit their differing project needs.

TRIFLEX Windows is the dream of many piping specialists and engineering programmers who are and who have been on AAA Technology’s Software Development Team over the years.  Those who have contributed significantly to the development of TRIFLEX and dreamed of this day are – Dan Yongue (deceased), Eliezer Mendelssohn, Lynn Wills, Shi Zhong, Reid P. McNally, Jr., Larry Bugge (deceased), Wally Wright, Geir Solbak, Bob Rundle, George Damian and Radu Bilegan.

TRIFLEX Windows is the result of many, many years of effort on the part of the above listed individuals and many others as well as numerous members of our fine support and administrative staff, without whom the program would not have been possible.

We are very proud and pleased to provide you with a copy of TRIFLEX Windows Release 1.1 for your review and use.  For a detailed listing of the capabilities included in TRIFLEX Windows Release 1.1, please see the attached pages.  Our development team is continuing to improve the program’s present capabilities as well as adding new capabilities and features.  Please feel free to tell us what additional capabilities and features you would like to see in future releases of TRIFLEX Windows.

We look forward to serving our TRIFLEX Users for years to come and to providing additional engineering tools to assist you in performing your job more efficiently and completely.

Very truly yours,

PipingSolutions Inc.


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