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TRIFLEX® Windows 1.6.1

12 March 2002


1. In this release, under Edit the Edit Project Log was added. This generates a WordPad document that is saved with the .DTA file.

2. In this release, spreadsheets that are exported to EXCEL are unprotected -they can be changed.

3. Memory allocation improvements were introduced with TRIFLEX® Windows version 1.6.1.


1. In previous releases TRIFLEX® was taking a very long time to launch. In this release we added a bypass provision for printer checking when TRIFLEX® is starting. This reduces the time it takes to launch the application. In order to decrease the launch time the user must edit the file TRIFLEX®Windows.INI located in the system folder (typically C:\WINDOWS for Win9x or C:\WINNT for NT or Win2K, unknown for WinXP). Under the heading "DocumentSettings" add the entry:

BypassPrinterCheck = n

-When n = 0 is the normal automatic printer check.
-When n = 1 gives a message stating that the check is not done automatically and
requesting that the user manually check for the presence of a printer.
-When n = 2 bypasses this message and tells TRIFLEX® that a printer is attached. Note this will crash TRIFLEX® if a printer is not actually there and Print Preview is selected
-When n = 3 bypasses this message and tells TRIFLEX® that a printer is NOT attached. This will disable the Print Preview functions so no crash can occur as a result of selecting them.

2. In previous releases, TRIFLEX® did not allow the user to changed the connect system when bad node numbers existed. This problem was corrected in this release.

4. In previous releases, Mode Shapes and Frequencies could only be brought up in Case No. 1. In this release both Soil interaction and Mode Shapes were made independent in the case number.

5. In previous releases, when opening the component input dialog screen the PREV and NEXT button would by default open on the General tab. In this release the PREV and NEXT buttons on the component dialogs were modified such that they open up the next or previous component in the same tab as is present on the current component.

6. In the 1.6.0 Enhancement & Modification notice the ability to graphically model spring supports as well as spring hangers was omitted.

7. In the previous release, the restraint movement report on the view results spreadsheet was reported incorrectly. This has been fixed in this version.

8. In the previous release, the 1996 edition and the 2000 edition of the DNV code compliance keyword generation was not correctly identified in terms of keywords. This problem has been corrected in this release.

9. In the previous release, TRIFLEX® did not assign the appropriate soil restraint when modeling an elbow or bend followed by a run of pipe defined to the weld point. In this release, this problem was corrected.

10. In previous releases, when TRIFLEX® imported PDS models a malfunction occurred when an eight digit data label (or longer) was encountered. This problem has been corrected in this release.

11. In previous releases of 1.5.4 and 1.6.0, the Regional Option Settings of various countries were found to cause problems when decimal symbol is a comma and "the digit grouping symbol "is dot as in reporting the information on the output spreadsheets and piping code compliance report in View Analysis Results. This has been corrected in this release of TRIFLEX®.

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