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TRIFLEX® Windows Version History


TRIFLEX® Windows 1.6.2
16 April 2002


1. Project Notes - In TRIFLEX® Windows Release 1.6.2, the ability to include a note or project log file along with the saved document is incorporated. To access this feature, select the Project Note item from the Setup menu tab. This will bring up the program assigned by Windows to the .doc file type, typically your word processor (wordpad.exe by default). Enter information as desired, save the file, and exit the word processor. Whenever that data file is active the information you entered is available by again selecting the Project Note menu item.


1. TRIFLEX Database Modified - The data base shipped with TRIFLEX® Windows has been modified to include 1¼ inch ANSI pipe. Also the wall thickness for 12 inch, schedule 80 pipe has been corrected.

2. Copy and Paste of Spreadsheet Data - Anchor Force and Moment Spreadsheet data in the View Analysis Results did not copy and paste correctly into Microsoft Word. A temporary solution was implemented by inserting an extra blank row above the header. After pasting and creating a Word table, this row can be removed, if desired.

3. Absolute Length Data Updated on Metric Unit Import - The absolute length of a component was not updated properly when imported from a TRIFLEX® DOS *.IN file containing metric units. This problem manifested itself in reducers not being shown in the graphic image of the piping system, since reducers require the absolute length field in order to draw correctly. This problem has been corrected.

4. Seek (Target) Mode Operation Altered - In TRIFLEX® Windows Release 1.6.2, the seek mode can no longer be used as a short cut, when in perspective mode, to enlarge a portion of the piping system. It is relegated to the same purpose it serves in orthogonal mode: that of centering a point on the system so that the zoom control on the right thumbwheel will aim the enlargement to that location. This corrected a problem caused by enlarging the piping system using zoom controls while moving the viewpoint further and further away, resulting in an instable image after a short time.

5. FRP/GRP Material Database Updated - The FRP/GRP database control failed to open in version 1.6.1 of TRIFLEX® Windows. This problem has been corrected.

6. Valve Database Usage Corrected - The valve database now reflects user changes correctly when brought up in the valve component dialog.

7. Special Report Crash Fixed - When a special report (NEMA, API610, API617, ROT, Spring Hanger, and Flange) was requested using TRIFLEX® Windows, after doing a calculation in which the first load case was not active, a crash ensued. This error has been corrected.

8. ActivatorCheck Updates Activator - The version of ActivatorCheck included with TRIFLEX® Windows version 1.6.1 would not properly update activators using the update codes supplied by PipingSolutions, Inc. due to changes in the security portion of the program. This problem has been addressed and corrected.

9. Wind Loading included with Weight Produces Code Compliance Report - TRIFLEX® Windows Release 1.6.2 corrects a problem with producing Code Compliance Spreadsheet reports when the case definition dialog specifies that Wind Loading should be included with system weight.

10. Material Tab on Anchor Active - TRIFLEX® Windows Release 1.6.1 added an enhancement to the PREVIOUS and NEXT buttons on component dialogs and, as an unfortunate side effect, removed the ability to alter the piping system material at the initial anchor. This glitch has been removed.

11. Help System Updated - TRIFLEX® Windows Release 1.6.2 incorporates several miscellaneous corrections to the Online Help System including adding help for Project Notes and properly linking the Euro Code article.

12. Accuracy Improved in Output Spreadsheet - TRIFLEX® Windows Release 1.6.2 improves the accuracy on the output spreadsheet by increasing the number of significant figures printed.

13. Spaces Entered in Component Dialog Fields Ignored - TRIFLEX® Windows now ignores input fields on the component dialogs in which a space was treated as a alphabetic character and instead treats a space character as a null entry. The previous treatment would occasionally lead to a crash in the calculator preprocessor.

14. Memory Management Improved - TRIFLEX® Windows Release 1.6.2 corrects several instances of inadvertent memory management problems leading to memory and resource leaks.

15. Flange Diameters Drawn Consistently - The flange diameter as drawn by the valve component and the flange diameter as drawn by the flange component were different. This inconsistency has been rectified.

16. English Unit Length Input Accepts Space as a Separator - The format used to enter feet-inch data in length fields on component dialogs using English Units has been modified to optionally accept a space as a separator between the feet, inch, or fraction of inch fields. In order to maintain the integrity of data input in previous versions of the program, in which the space character in the length string was ignored, an option is provided in the SETUP/INPUT UNITS dialog. If the 'Treat space character as separator' box is checked, a space may be used to delimit the feet, inch, and fraction of inch fields, otherwise the space character will be ignored in the input string. The use of a space has no effect on metric input, and in SI, Metric, or UI1 units, spaces are ignored regardless of the setting 'Treat space as separator' box, which for these unit systems will be grayed out (inactivated).

17. Component Length Input - The format used to enter Delta X, Delta Y, Delta Z, and Absolute Length fields on component dialogs has been modified to accept exponential values of the form '+/- x.xxx E +/- xx' . This applies most readily to Metric, SI, and IU1 unit systems but is also functional for English units. For example, a pipe length of 10 meters can now be entered in the Delta X field (Using IU1 which requires millimeter values for lengths) as 10E3 mm as opposed to 10000 mm.

18. HELP Topic Added for Length Input Fields - A help topic was added to cover the various combinations of acceptable input strings that may be used in entering Component Length.

19. Feet and Inch Notation Disallowed for Metric Input - The input fields used to enter Delta X, Delta Y, Delta Z, and Absolute Length fields on component dialogs have been modified to flag an error (and return zero) if feet and inch notation is used when the input unit system is specified as Metric, SI, or IU1. On previous versions of the program, the use of feet and inch notation in metric input fields could lead to unpredictable results.

20. A Numerical Conversion Problem Is Corrected - TRIFLEX® Windows Release 1.6.1 inadvertently omitted the number '6' in the view results spreadsheet when running on Windows98 original version operating systems. This was an interaction problem between Microsoft system DLLs and the third party library we use to create the spreadsheet. The problem has been corrected in this 1.6.2 release.

21. Invalid Output Data Recognition Improved - TRIFLEX® Windows Release 1.6.2 will better flag invalid output data and not allow the user to specify an output report if an error was caught during the calculation process. This should prevent program malfunctions, which occurred under some circumstances in previous versions.

22. Soil Interaction Properly Serialized - In previous versions of TRIFLEX® Windows, the graphical representation of underground piping was lost when a piping model was saved and then recalled. This anomaly has been corrected.

23. Flange Color Change Corrected - Under some circumstances the flanges associated with valves would change color in the graphic representation of the piping system to the color selected for Current Component. This problem has been rectified.

24. Special Report Processing Modified - This version of TRIFLEX® Windows allows more time for special report output files to open. The previous processing method could result in a failure to recognize that the output file was available if the computer system was particularly busy with other activity at the time the special report was requested.

25. API 610 Nozzle Update - This version of TRIFLEX® Windows allows users to modify and update API610 settings with new nozzle data directly from the API 610 input dialog.

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