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TRIFLEX® Windows 2.2.1 Enhancements & Modifications

February 26, 2003


1. Scandinavian Piping Codes – This release of TRIFLEXâWindows corrects an error that resulted in a system malfunction when viewing the piping code report for the Scandinavian piping codes, TBK51, TBK52, SPC1, and SPC2.

2. Structural Tubing and Pipes – The input dialog for user defined sizes of Structural Rectangular and Round tubes erroneously listed the English or Imperial unit for sizing as feet but did all cross sectional property and subsequent calculations based on the input as if it were given in inches. The unit, as it appeared on the dialog, should have been inches and is corrected accordingly.

3. Spreadsheet Component Exchange – When components were moved on the input spreadsheet due to rearrangement or insertion, occasionally the component being replaced was not totally erased before the new component, replacing it on that row of the spreadsheet, was added. This situation has been rectified.

4. Inconel in Material Database – The database modification that added structural steel to version 2.2.0 of TRIFLEXâWindows resulted in Inconel Alloy 625 being inadvertently removed from the material table. This release replaces Inconel and its associated properties back into the database as it was in versions prior to 2.2.0.

5. Aladdin HASP Driver – The Aladdin HASP Device Driver used to communicate with the Security Activator has been updated to version 4.81. This allows more efficient data exchange between program and activator and facilitates use of either a USB or parallel port activator.

6. Buried Elbows – Under some circumstances, an extraneous node was automatically assigned to a bend when soil interaction was specified. This would lead to a mismatch between the number of calculated data points and the number of data points being reported and, ultimately, to a program malfunction. This error has been corrected.

7. Nonlinear Restraints and British Codes – A program error was detected when using nonlinear restraints with the British Codes (BS7159 and UKOOA) wherein an erroneous result could be given in the spring hanger report depending on the number and placement of spring hangers. This release has fixed this difficulty.

8. Branch Connection Flexibility Factor – This release of TRIFLEXâWindows addresses a problem in the calculation of Branch element flexibility factors using ASME NB 3686.5 when specifying that the stress intensification factors should be calculated using ASME methods.

9. Frictional Restraint – Labels for frictional restraints at data points now appear in the code compliance spreadsheet rather than being shown as a blank in the Node Location column.

10. Corrosion Allowance – The corrosion allowance for components cannot be larger than the specified wall thickness. An error message is now issued should the User try to set it to be so. Previously, no error was flagged and the resultant error in calculation would lead to erroneous results in the code compliance data.

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