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TRIFLEX® Windows Version History

TRIFLEX® Windows 2.3.2

November 15, 2003


1. Material Property Update – In the component dialog, Process Tab, the coefficient of expansion and the modulus of elasticity did not update automatically when the process or base temperature fields were manually changed. This has been rectified.

2. Double Click on Data File – The rather extensive modifications made to the database interface sections of TRIFLEXâWindows, when the code materials sections were added, rendered the double click on data file method, which some users use in order to initiate the program, unusable in versions 2.3.0 and 2.3.1. This problem has been corrected.

3. Vessel Orientation Input – The dialog tab for entering vessel data in the anchor component dialog has been modified to link the input of the ‘Vertical’, ‘Horizontal’, and ‘Skewed’ radio buttons to the vessel orientation vector input, such that, for example, if a skewed vector is entered it will automatically select the skewed radio button.

4. Vessel Nozzle Display – Previously the nozzle location on Skewed vessels was displayed in the graphic representation of the piping system incorrectly as not being attached to the vessel.

This problem has been corrected.

5. Spreadsheet Import Format Revised – The column headings in the Spreadsheet Import dialog have been revised to agree with other spreadsheet data within TRIFLEXâWindows. That is
the first three columns have been changed from To Node, From Node, Component Type to Component Type, From Node, To Node. While this may entail some changes on past input
files, it does allow direct input from a copied Input Spreadsheet without having to rearrange
columnar data.

6. Windows98, Windows Millenium, and Windows98 SE Compatibility – The changes made to incorporate the Access 2000 database format capability within TRIFLEXâWindows could, in some cases result in an incompatibility with Windows 9x operating systems, resulting in a program crash. Access 2000 format is no longer selectable from TRIFLEXâWindows
running on a Windows 9x operating system, but is still available on Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems.

7. BS7159 Stress Intensification Factors – Stress intensification factors are now applied to all
legs of a branch connection rather than the first encountered leg as previously done. This allows stress calculations to be invariant with regard to the direction or sequence in which the
piping system was coded.

8. EQUAL Spring Hanger Designation – The spring hanger report now designates EQUAL hanger Figure 110 springs correctly, instead of the old designation of Figure 200.

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