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TRIFLEX® Version 3.1.0 Enhancements & Modifications

May 15, 2007


   1. Structural Member Component Added – A new component.

   2. Reorder Component List – One of the rules imposed by TRIFLEX®.


   1. Saving and Recall of Multicase Euro Code Data Files – A glitch in the serialization of Euro Code
      Compliance data prevented the recall of multicase data files saved with version 3.1.0.
      This problem has been corrected.

   2. Updating Mill Spec Value – When the size, schedule, or wall thickness of a component was
      altered in the Pipe Properties dialog, the value for the mill spec, shown as an information only
      item in the Code Compliance dialog would not be updated. The current version now changes
      this value based on the current thickness of the piping and the Mill Spec Percentage value
      entered by the User.

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