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TRIFLEX® Windows Version History

TRIFLEX® Version 3.1.1 Enhancements & Modifications

October 15, 2007


   1. B31.3 Piping Code – The ASME B31.3 Process Piping Code has been
      updated to include the revisions and options specified in the 2006
      edition of the code.

   2. B31.5 Piping Code – The ASME B31.5 Refrigeration and Heat Transfer
      Component Piping Code has been augmented by adding a materials selection
      data base such that materials specified in this code may be implemented directly.

   3. B31.8 Piping Code – The ASME B31.8 Pressure Piping Code for Gas
      Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems has been updated for
      the post 2003 standard.


   1. Saving and Recall of Multicase Euro Code Data Files – A glitch in the serialization of Euro Code
      Compliance data prevented the recall of multicase data files saved with version 3.1.0.
      This problem has been corrected.

   2. Updating Mill Spec Value – When the size, schedule, or wall thickness of a component was
      altered in the Pipe Properties dialog, the value for the mill spec, shown as an information only
      item in the Code Compliance dialog would not be updated. The current version now changes
      this value based on the current thickness of the piping and the Mill Spec Percentage value
      entered by the User.

   3. Center Line of Output Displacement Display – A minor problem occurred when
      a short segment followed an elbow such that an additional node could be created
      at the end of the elbow. In such a case, the following component failed to be
      shown in the center line displacement output. This problem has been corrected.

   4. B31.1 Material Selection Dialog - In previous versions, when Stainless Steel
      materials were selected using the B31.1 material selection dialog, TRIFLEX would
      lock up, requiring a forced exit from the program. This was a problem with the
      stainless steel table in the B31.1 database and has been fixed.

   5. Density of Piping Material - A problem has been corrected in the edit box for
      manually entering material density the value would undergo a units conversion
      each time the field was entered if input units other than English were used.

   6. Response Spectrum Zero Period Acceleration - A problem in the zero period
      acceleration calculation, brought about by our earlier change to an unlimited number
      of load cases, has been corrected and the analysis is now functional again.

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