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TRIFLEX® Version 3.2.1 Enhancements & Modifications

Decomber 9, 2008


   1. PCF Export – In addition to the ability to import a PCF formatted data file into TRIFLEX, this release allows the program to export a PCF formatted file as well, establishing a two-way communication with a variety of CAD and plant management programs. Adding to the versatility of


   1. B31.3 Database Update – The B31.3 database has been updated to reflect higher allowable for A106 and A53 steels as given in the 2006 revision of the piping code.

   2. Structural Steel Database Rearranged – The order of listing the rectangular structural tubing in the structural steel dialog shape selection box has been refined such that all rectangular tubing is displayed together followed by all square tubing.

   3. Structural Steel Automatic Selection – When coding multiple lengths of Structural Steel, the type and shape fields will now be inherited from the previous entry, rather than reverting back to W6x16.

   4. Celsius Temperature Limits on Materials – Since the majority of database material properties are given in terms of degrees Fahrenheit, a rounding error precluded using an installed or operational temperature equal to the temperature limit if the Celsius temperature scale was selected.   In order to mitigate this problem, a one degree leeway is now allowed on either the maximum or minimum temperature limits of code materials.  If a temperature is specified to be some fraction of a degree beyond the actual temperature limit of the material, the properties will be selected as the properties at that limit, rather than extrapolating beyond.

   5. Material Cache Reset – The material cache reset function has been revised to work more efficiently and, when a data file earlier than that saved with version 3.2.0 of TRIFLEX is read in, the reset is done automatically upon reading in the file.   This will assure that older data files will be updated to the latest database values, rather than older or outdated information that may have been saved with the original data file.

   6. Material Density and Weight Calculation – An error in processing material density when non-English units were selected has been corrected.  This error manifested itself when the material density edit box was clicked on and regained the focus multiple times, each time trying to do another unit conversion on the value displayed.

   7. Invalid Argument in Material Selection – Occasionally when using the Piping Code Button to bring up the material data base material selection dialog, an “Invalid Argument” error message would be encountered.  This has been corrected.

   8. PCF Import Coordinate Snap – Minor inconsistencies in producing PCF data files may lead to very small coordinate differences between nodes which should be and were intended to be connected and at the same coordinate location.  Previously, on import of such a data file, TRIFLEX would see the coordinate difference, flag it as a disconnected piping system, and place a new anchor at the beginning of the disjointed branch.  Now TRIFLEX will snap the coordinates to the same location and join otherwise disconnected branches if the coordinate mismatch is less than 0.1 mm in metric units or 0.01 inch in English units.

   9. Pressure Relief Valve with User Specified Piping – The pressure relief valve would produce a graphic error if the non-standard, user specified pipe was being used to route to or from the valve.  This problem has been corrected.

   10. API 610 Reports – The API 610 reporting routines have been modified to handle pipe sizes unsupported by the code and to provide a more consistent display of warning messages.


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