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TRIFLEX® Version 3.3.5 Enhancements & Modifications

February 1, 2012


  1. Seismic Loading – The previous version inadvertently omitted adding the seismic occasional loading onto the operating case when non-linear restraints were found wthin the piping model.  This release corrects that ommision.
  1. SIF for Welding Tee – In recent releases of the B31.1 and B31.3 piping codes the default SIF for a welding tee has included a flexibility characteristic of 3.1 T/r2.  While the included notes allowed for a value of 4.4 T/r2 when ce4rtain values of crothch radius and crothch thickness were prsent, we have opted to use the defout 3.1 value which gives a more conservaitve SIF.  The default in B31.8, B31.1 and B31.5 continues to be the 4.4 value which we will continue to use.   As always, should the user wish to modify the SIF, entering the actual value into the branch dialog will override the automic calculation.
  1. Demostration Mode – The DEMO mode for the precious version erroneously gave a "Expriration Date Reached" message after one had done a calculation with a demonstration piping system.  This has been corrected.
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