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Generating a Stress Neutral File for PDS

Before Using This Command you must have access to an existing PDS Piping Model containing a completed pipeline.

Operating Sequence

  1. Enter PDS from either the Shortcut to pdsicon or from Start, Programs, PD_SHELL
  2. Select Project Number

    Select the PDS project from which the neutral file will be generated.

    Select the Pipe Stress Analysis button.

    The system will display the Plant Design – Stress Analysis form.
  3. Enter 3-D Model Number(s)

    Select a Model No field and key in a valid model number. Do not key in the .dgn filename.

    The software checks the model number for validity and either accepts the entry and moves the cursor to the next Model No field or displays an error message in the message field.
  4. Select the Pipeline Names field adjacent to the Model No field selected in the previous step and key in a valid pipeline name.

    The software accepts the entry and moves to the next Pipeline Names field.
  5. Select the Stress Output Node:Path field and key in the desired location of the neutral file.
  6. Select the Stress Defaults File field and key in the location of the defaults file.

    Note: There are 2 defaults files delivered with PDS, defaults.dat and triflex.dat These files are located in the product directory C:\win32app\ingr\PDSTRESS\dat
  7. Select the Confirm button to accept the data displayed on the form and begin generating the
    neutral file.

    The system displays the message "Creating Neutral File"

    When the neutral file generation is completed, the system displays a status form.

    The status form displays any processing information, warning messages and/or error messages that occur during the generating process. Use the scroll bar and buttons to scroll through the information displayed on the status screen. Refer to the section Warning and Error Messages for detailed descriptions of each warning and error message.

Refer to PDS Stress Analysis Interface (PD_STRESS) Reference Guide DEA503920 for information not covered in this write up.

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