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TRIFLEX® Pipe Stress Software


TRIFLEX® Windows is a Piping System Stress Analysis Software & Design Program that provides user-friendly data entry, an extremely flexible output report generator and superior input & output graphics.

TRIFLEX® Windows Pipe Stress Analysis Software considers the effect of: Temperature, Pressure, Weight of the Piping system, Anchor and/or Restraint movements, Support friction, Ice/snow, Wind, Seismic events and transient loadings.


TRIFLEX® Windows 4.1.4

is here!

Then TRIFLEX® Windows calculates: Deflections & Rotations, Forces & Moments, Piping Code Compliance Report(s), Piping Loads acting on Rotating Equipment comparing them with allowables in published standards, Sizes Engineered Spring Hangers, Performs Flange Loading checks to determine leakage possibilities.  TRIFLEX® Windows offers Engineers an Expandable Network Wide solution to meet today's Piping requirements for the Chemical, Petro-Chemical, Refining, Power, Pipeline, Pulp & Paper, Food Processing and Shipbuilding industries.

TRIFLEX® Windows is a world recognized standard for Pipe Stress Analysis. TRIFLEX® Windows features New, Improved and Dynamic Graphics and much more - 3D color modeling & rendering, Code Compliance Standards (including the new EURO Code), Pipe Stress Calculations as well as Spring & Hanger sizing (more).

You might want to check the features list and the benefits or look at some sample screen shots of TRIFLEX® Windows in action.

TRIFLEX® Windows online help: www.pipingsolutions.us

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Coming  November 2018

TRIFLEX® Windows 4.1.4 Released

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